Keeping focused on your goals


As I mentioned before when it comes to dating, making the first approach is all about making a strong impact as women and men will make up their mind if they like you or not within the first 3 seconds. So obviously it is important that you work on your approaches because not only will you desensitize yourself to approach anxiety you will also get better at approaching the more that you do it. One of the laws of the universe dictates that the more energy and dedication you put into a skill like dating or playing football the better that you will become and you will eventually master it. But one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they get caught up in one aspect like just approaching and never pushing any further.

The reason for this is that people tend to forget or lose sight of their original goal and find themselves getting caught up with one aspect. If your simple goal is to find a girlfriend then you should always keep track of your progress. Simply approaching a girl on the street or in a bar and initiating a conversation with her is great but most guys forget or do not think past the next stage and neither walk away out of awkwardness or get refused if they ask for the number.

Don’t get me wrong I applaud anyone that approaches as you are increasing your chances of meeting someone amazing that you like by fifty percent or more as opposed to not doing anything at all. And you will get results but it is important that you keep track of your progress and how far away that you are from attaining your goal. So I recommend that once you get reasonably accustomed to approaching women you should focus on another goal. An example of this would be when you approach a girl your next goal should be to focus on improving your conversation skills. Like how to develop rapport and make a connection with her. Doing this will greatly increase your chances of her giving you her number and actually seeing her again.

If you are more of a bars and clubs person you should make a goal of how you can go about kissing a girl. When it comes to approaching during the day, simply learning and practising how to approach and start up a conversation and developing a connection with someone that you are attracted to and getting their number will get you results as girls will be impressed by how genuine and honest you are and also because most people don’t have the courage to do it so you are immediately distinguishing yourself and making an impact. But in bars it will be far more expected that people will approach especially guys. So if you are a guy, simply just approaching and getting her number may not be enough for you to fully guarantee you seeing the girl again. So if you prefer to meet girls at night your goal should be how you can get yourself in a position to kiss the girl as this will definitely increase your chances of seeing her again. So make a goal of isolating every girl that you meet in a bar or club because obviously a girl is far more likely to kiss you if she is not with her friends as she does not have to worry about what they might think of her kissing a guy that she just met.

I know that doing and practising new skills will feel uncomfortable for you but it is perfectly okay and natural to feel that way about something that you have not done before. It is a good thing because it means that you are moving forward and more closer to your goal and you should always be looking at how you can move forward and improve yourself.

Dating Coach