How to Impress a Girl on the First Date Advice

How to Impress a Girl on the First Date

You finally got the guts to ask her out, and she said yes, what next? She is a straight up ten and well you know she might be a little off your league. You might be nervous about your first date and am sure that’s why you are here. Well here are a few tips to impress the girl of your dreams on the first date:

Pick her up at her home

I know you might be tempted to tell her to meet you where you will go on a date, but think outside the box and pick her up. The moment you offer to pick her up, you will already have points on her good side. Picking her up not only makes her feel special but also makes you seem like a gentleman and in this world gentlemen are few. We love fairytales and there is nothing better than living one and picking her up is helping her live her fairytale. This will help you set the mood.

Open her doors

I know it sounds like a cliché but please open her doors. Girls are very detail oriented, and small things matter to most girls. The small things just warm our hearts. It may sound corny and old school but trust me it is a charmer. Even if it’s the car door, just be a gentleman and open for her. Remember like a said play into her fairytale and opening her door is one of the things that play in her fairytale.

Make eye contact at all times

Always make eye contact with her, trust me she will notice. Note that I said make eye contact not stare at her. Making eye contact not only makes us feel like we have all your undivided attention but also it shows that you are interested in us. Making eye contact also makes things like compliment seem genuine and makes flirting more intimate. If you are looking forward to a second date then look deep into her eyes and let her melt in front of you because chances are high she will be blushing. Eye contact also shows confidence and honesty and those two things are a turn on to any lady.

Make the conversations mostly about her

Who doesn’t like talking about themselves? You will learn a lot from her when you let her talk about herself. Ask questions and pick new tops from her conversation, for example, if she says she mostly hangs out with her friends and her dog. Get to know the names of her friends and also the name of her dog and what kind of people are around her. That will also help you get to know her better. This will also help the conversation to flow well without that awkward silence. Avoid asking close-ended questions like what is your favorite food or favorite color.

Also, sneak in stories of your own so that she does not feel interrogated. Share experiences of your own that can relate to hers or unique events in your life.

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