How to get a girlfriend


It has been proven one of the most important things top 2 anyway is having a loving nurturing relationship. It really is something money can’t buy to enjoy spending time with that loving person. It really can be all we ask for even taking into account the bumpy times. Its only when you have a tough time in your life and you have someone to turn to that you can really appreciate the great parts.


What’s stopping me?

You need to keep things simple. Opening up dialogue with yourself is important get a non-judgemental friend involved in this or try pen and paper. In Kamalifestyles we isolate these issues and improve on them straight away not waiting around for something to happen. Love is not a chance game it’s too important to just expect it to happen.

If you actively put your mind to finding someone it’s a lot more likely to happen. I mean it is after all one of the most important physiological things in your life. If you are sick you go to the doctor who you turn to if you have relationship issues. They are equally important as your physical health. Mental health is so over looked. We crave human interaction we are social creatures. It’s not a choice this is how we are designed. Don’t leave it to chance take action. No excuses now is the time.


Develop a strategy

It’s simple you need to encounter more situations where you can find a girl. Don’t over complicate this. Where can I go to find my type of girl?It’s not one person you’re looking for by allowing yourself to have a variety you will be less attached to the outcome. I mean you’re not going to marry the first girl you date in your life.


Continuous improvement

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t know exactly what you’re looking for its ok. We recommend taking risks. I recently worked with a client named Liam. Liam wanted a girlfriendit’s all he wanted just one really attractive girl. He knew once he had that really attractive girl he would be content. After working with Liam for 2 months he began being able to attract women in bars and get on dates with them he became so good he was up to 2 dates a week from going out 3 nights a week. He was dating so much because he realised most of the girls were not exactly what he was looking for. We were able to fine tune Liam’s approach even more to begin screening similar to an interview but a lot more fun and relaxed. Liam then for the next 1 month cut down his dates to 1 a week picking the most compatible. Liam really enjoyed this process as he had never had so many options but once he had that abundant mind-set he could start looking for what he really wanted in a girl. Compatibility really is an important thing for girls and guys a like something most guys over look. We think we are all physical attraction but once you spend time with someone it will change.

It’s important to work towards a goal. So long as the goal stays the same your strategy for attaining the goal can change. Most important in all of this is enjoy the process of personal improvement.


Dating Coach