How to get a date


Jason was struggling to get a date. When he chatted up women, they’d seem interested and he easily got more than one phone number when he went out to meet women. Early one Saturday morning, Jason went jogging in the local park, the perfect place to meet women. He started chatting to an attractive redhead who often jogged along the same route as him. He thought it was going well, asked her for her number and asked her out to dinner the next Friday. When he called her on Monday, she didn’t sound as keen as she had on Saturday and when Friday night came, she had an excuse ready and Jason spent the evening alone.

Jason contacted Kama Lifestyles for advice on how to get a date. His coach went through his chat up methods with him in detail. While his approach worked to some extent, he was making some common mistakes. Women judge men within the first few minutes of meeting them. Presentation, attitude and body language give them an impression of Jason before he speaks to them or even goes near them. Since women are attracted to strong, confident men who can add value to their lives, he had to learn how to show them that he was of higher value than other men.

Jason’s Kama Lifestyles coach showed him ways to get a date by creating a strong first impression. Aside from his non-verbal messages, he had to learn strong openers that were more engaging than clichéd chat up lines that women have heard hundreds of times before. Using this to grab their attention leads to a greater opportunity to create attraction and intimacy. Connecting with them on an emotional level means that they are more likely to remember him and the feelings they had while talking to him at a later stage.

Jason’s failure to get a date was further related to his telephone technique. His Kama Lifestyles dating coach explained that one loses momentum between meeting someone and reinitiating contact. He was waiting too long before contacting them again. To keep the attraction going, he should ideally contact a woman 24 hours, certainly no later than 48 hours, after meeting. The best way to do this is by starting off with a text and reminding her of something you both laughed about, making her recall the emotion and excitement she felt when you first met. This way, Jason wouldn’t lose his momentum and it gives him the chance to flirt in a non-threatening way.

According to his Kama Lifestyles coach, Jason’s next mistake when trying to get a date was immediately inviting a woman out to dinner. This made him seem as though he thought the only way she’d spend time with her is if he bribed her with food. A better idea is to wait a couple of days before inviting her along for drinks or coffee, either as part of a group or alone. This shows more confidence and doesn’t seem needy.

With the new skills his Kama Lifestyles trainer taught him, Jason finds it far easier to get a date. He hasn’t met anyone he’s serious about, but he’s learning what he wants from a relationship and defining the characteristics he’s looking for in a partner. He’s learned to refine his approach, and now knows that he leaves a lasting impression. In the majority of cases, women are happy to hear from him again and agree to meet, and he knows that those who flake would have done so no matter what he did. Luckily, he has a choice of women to date and the occasional failure doesn’t bother him much – knows he can get a date with another beautiful woman quite easily.

Jason Hicks, London