How to Flirt with a Girl


Flirting with a girl without coming across as creepy or weird can be a tough art to master. You need to say and do the right things, otherwise your guaranteed embarrassment and rejection.

So, how to impress a girl? Well, over the years I have learnt a few simple techniques which can be easily implemented, and will get girls liking you within a flash.

Here are my top flirting tips on how to flirt with a girl and ultimately impress a girl?

  1. Pay her an original compliment

Every girl has heard the line “Your eyes are beautiful’. Her eyes may indeed be beautiful but it’s getting boring and predictable. If you find her attractive, chances are she has heard all the old clichés. So instead, catch her off guard and say something nice about her posture or her hands. You can also try complimenting the girl on her choice of shoes, and even better if you know the brand.

  1. Make her laugh

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that when we laugh or smile endorphins are released which make us feel happier and less stressed. So applying this when talking to a girl will see

her feel more comfortable around you and chances are you’ll develop more of a rapport, friendship or even romance quicker. For some funny pickup lines click here.

  1. Give her provocative glances and make eye contact

Using provocative glances and eye contact with a girl is a great way to communicate your feelings nonverbally. It can take the place of endless pickup lines and is a safer bet if you fear rejection. Having approached a girl and opened a conversation with her, ensure you keep eye contact to ensure she knows your interested.

  1. Get close to her

One sure fire way to ramp up the flirting is to add in some intimacy, i.e through touch of her hands and standing or sitting next to her rather than the traditional restaurant date of sitting opposite each other. During a conversation with a girl there will be plenty of opportunities to ramp up the flirting, its about recognizing when and acting. If you’re on a date, try to include an activity which requires lots of time spent in close proximity.

  1. Ask the right questions

It seems pretty simple to ask a girl questions, but the key is to ask the right questions which lead to your ultimate goal, be it a date, girlfriend or one-night stand. Everyone likes talking about themselves, so take an interest in her life. Ask questions about the things that she enjoys, such as hobbies, movies, music, etc.

Following the above advice and your very soon become an expert flirting with girls, feel free to get in touch and ask me a question.


Ollie James
Dating Coach