How to be more confident


A number of men need tips and advice on how to be more confident with women. Women adore confident men who believe in their own abilities and themselves. Kama Lifestyles dating coaching specialises in teaching men how to be confident. It doesn’t depend on personal traits and characteristics, but can be learned by anyone. It does, however, take some work to turn negative thoughts and behaviours into something positive, and no one can do the work but the man who needs to change his attitude.

Follow this advice from Kama Lifestyles and learn how to be more confident:

  • Learn to control your own body language. This includes the way you sit, stand and present yourself to the world. Your body language can betray you inner thoughts and feelings, so developing a positive attitude is essential in being successful. Those who are too cocky give off a sense of false confidence, and women will reject you if they work out that you’re faking it. Keeping your body relaxed without slouching, you head up and your shoulders squared makes you look and feel more confident. Always look people in the eye when speaking to them. Looking down or away makes you seem evasive, insincere, insecure or bored. Never lean in when you talk to someone. It makes you seem needy and desperate – not the behaviour one would expect from a strong, confident man.
  • How to be more confident relies on staying positive. Everyone gets rejected at some point. It is better to learn from failure than to be beaten by it. Spend a minute or two working out what went wrong and adjust your behaviour. Facing a scary situation over and over again will also teach you not to fear it. Similarly, learn to accept compliments gracefully, and talk about the good things in your life. When you talk about yourself, don’t put yourself down. Being enthusiastic about your life is contagious and allows women to connect with you on an emotional level. It also shows them that you’re fun to be around, and that they want to be a part of your life.
  • Learn to use your voice to convey confidence. An important factor in how to be more confident is controlling the pitch and volume of your voice. Men who speak with a deeper voice sound confident that those who speak with a higher pitched voice. Confident men don’t whisper and mumble. They know that they add value to a conversation and don’t care who hears what they have to say. A confident man will be willing to defend his opinions.
  • Don’t let a woman’s looks intimidate you. A confident man has worth. When learning how to be more confident, take some time to work out what you like about yourself. Remember that a beautiful woman may have no sense of humour and she could be boring. Don’t put her on a pedestal because she’s beautiful. Treat her the way you would treat a friend. Remember that you’re worth knowing too – she should work to show you why you should make her a part of your life. Your worth isn’t dependant only on your looks, income or social status. You’re unique, with unique characteristics. Learn to like them.
  • Keep working on how to be more confident. Learn from dating coaches like those at Kama Lifestyles. Keep practising and working on your social skills and personal growth. Soon you’ll learn what to expect in different situations, removing your fear of the unknown.


Learning how to be more confident can seem scary at first, but changing your attitude will change your life.