How to attract women


Last Saturday night, Jack was sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for his sons to come out of the cinema. He hadn’t intended to go out since his kids were visiting for the weekend, so he settled down with a novel and a good cup of coffee and sent them off to watch a movie. Every time he looked up from his book, he felt someone staring at him, but he couldn’t gauge where the feeling was coming from. After a few minutes, he looked over to the tables next to him and saw two women in their thirties sitting together. Both smiled at him before quickly looking away.


Jack had learned the secret of how to attract women. He isn’t particularly rich or good-looking and, in his early 50s, not as young as he used to be. The advantage he has is that his Kama Lifestyles coach explained how attraction works and how he can change his behaviour to be more attractive to women.


The key to understanding how to attract women, lies in understanding that attraction works differently for men than it does for women. Men are more attracted to physical characteristics, while women are more focused on personality traits and qualities. Of course, looks can’t be discounted completely, especially when it comes to being well groomed and fashionably dressed.


Jack’s Kama Lifestyles coach gave him excellent advice on how to attract women:

  • Start with the basics. Look and smell clean. Women are aware of their social status and you should dress well enough to convince them that you’re equal to or above them in status. Clean nails, styled hair and groomed facial hair show that you take care of yourself.
  • Radiate confidence. Women find confidence attractive because it lets them know that you can take charge and they can rely on you.
  • Present yourself as a unique, sexy man. Focus on entering a room or venue with confidence, controlling your body language and making the right amount of eye contact. How to attract women relies on your own image – don’t imitate someone else’s style or body language.
  • Show strength. Women may not admit it, but they sometimes feel overwhelmed by life. A woman wants a man who can take care of her and help her deal with her worries and problems. She doesn’t want someone who will add to them, so handle your own problems.
  • Show your sense of fun. If you’re in a social environment, show the women around you that being with you will be fun for them. No one wants to spend time with a depressing person.
  • Show your sense of humour. Laughter isn’t only the best medicine; it’s also an aphrodisiac. Creating a happy, light atmosphere will attract women, provided you steer clear of rude or mean jokes, or making fun of people. Take care not to turn into her personal clown.
  • Don’t be scared to flirt. Take it slowly and draw her in. Few women can resist flirting – they feel flattered at the interest and light flirting can be fun.


Jack remembered his Kama Lifestyles training on how to attract women as he approached the two women at the table. He felt confident knowing that they had noticed him first, finding him attractive before he’d even known they were there. He was comfortable with his new style and knew that he could build on the initial attraction effortlessly.

Jack’s knowledge on how to attract women meant that, by the time his kids had finished their movie, he had both women’s phone numbers and had made plans to meet them for drinks the next weekend.

Jack Connelly, London