How to Ask a Shy Girl Out

How to Ask a Shy Girl Out

Being shy or anti-social is something that most people confuse when it comes to dating. A shy girl may be uncomfortable with certain sensitive topics such as sex, dating, or even men. However, they still have close friends that they are never shy when around them. An anti-social girl shuts off the world from her life. You have better chances of asking a shy girl out than getting an audience with an anti-social girl. The halo effect that you create with a shy girl when you meet will determine how your endeavors will progress.

Make her comfortable around you

The reason a shy girl is all out with her friends but not you is that she is comfortable with them. The easiest way to get into a shy girl’s life is through her friends. Befriend her close friends and make indirect inquiries about her like what she likes, her hobbies and stuff like that. Please, dot pretends to like her friends just to get to her because that won’t work. Choose her friend that you can sincerely relate to. When she sees that her friends are cool with you, she will start being comfortable with you.

Progress with her tempo

One thing about shy girls is that they have a reserved personality and can quickly withdraw. Don’t ask her out immediately you think she is comfortable around you. Get to know her and if she is reluctant to open up to you don’t give up or be pushy. Give her time and make one advance at a time. Your phone can be quite handy at this point because a shy girl can talk comfortably with you over the phone than in person. Take her to public places like a park if she is into that kind of thing to win her trust. When you are sure that she is comfortable being with you alone, then you can ask her out.

Honestly, compliment her

We love to be complimented whether you think we are shy or not. We can also tell a sincere compliment from a fake one so when you do it be sure you mean it. Some girls are shy because of low self-esteem and complimenting them will make them feel better about themselves thus giving you some gold coins for your quest. You have to know the causes of her insecurities and try not to get on the wrong side of it.

Make her see your vulnerability

Guys love to be seen as the alpha males who are super confident with no fear. To be honest, it does not always work with us. We would like to see that you are human and you can also get hurt. When you want to ask a shy girl out, you can start by opening up to her. Tell her something that you would not like people to know about you, your fears, or any other flaw. You have to be careful not to say too much to scare her off.

Read her cues

Even shy girls have to tell signs because at the end of the day they are still human. The cues will help you now if the girl is into you which can make you asking her out much easier. While talking to her and she maintains eye contact it signals that she is interested in what you are saying. When you see her biting her lips or playing with her hair, then it’s a signal that she likes you.
” When your shy woman is comfortable around you and feels safe when she is with you, then it can be easy for you to ask her out. You have to be clear with your intentions and open with your feelings because any sign of doubt can jeopardize your whole relationship.”

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