Game changing Factors That Will Improve Your Dating


Your overall success with dating depends on you and nobody else. I have met many guys that have started out to improve their dating lives that have started well but unfortunately failed to make the leap they needed to get the results that they truly wanted. If you are new do this then I urge you to take note of some game breaking factors that will improve your success below.

Never Compare Yourself to Others

The biggest mistake that guys make when they start out is that they end up comparing themselves to other guys and then rate themselves based on what they see other guys do. They then expect too much of themselves and put unnecessary pressure on themselves as a result. Do not do this. You will never be happy if you continue to do this as there will always be people that will appear to be better than you in life. The only person that you should compare yourself to is you and what you can do now that you could not have done last week or last year.

Do Not Stagnate, Always Push Yourself

In relation to my last point you should only concern yourself with your own personal growth. Look back over your life and think about times when you starting doing something that you were not familiar with but ended up mastering. You were not good at walking when you started out as a toddler but over time through trial and error you became better. You should apply this to dating, when I first started approaching women I got rejected alot but through trial and error I eventually got better and stopped getting rejected so much. Give yourself freedom to fail and learn from your mistakes. A lot of guys tend to make the mistake of initially going outside their comfort zone but then go no further. For example a lot of guys will approach women but will not push it any further because of fear of failure. So keep pushing yourself, it may feel uncomfortable but you will thank yourself later.

Healthy Mind set

This is one of the biggest issues that guys make in that their mind set and state is negative. We all have our insecurities and you will always feel nervous when doing something new but if you find yourself being held back by the same reasons again and again then you need to stand back, address and face your issues. I would recommend that you make a personal diary and write down your day to day thoughts. You will be surprised what you see and once you become aware of what you are thinking you can properly address it. We human beings are creatures of habit and your negative view of the world is based what you habitually think day to day.

Keep Track Of Your Goal

This is something that you should always be aware of especially if you are doing something that appears to be very uncomfortable or something that you do not like doing as you need to see the justification why you are doing it. For example if you approach a large group of intimidating women and whether the interaction goes well or bad you should remind yourself why you are doing it and how much closer you are to achieving your goal as a result. Always set small achievable targets like for example if you want to feel less approach anxiety then set a goal of approaching 5 women a day after you finish work. It takes over 30 days to create a habit and you will be surprised at you achieve by just setting simple goals.