Fashion Consultant


Over the last few weeks we’ve been telling our readers about clients’ success stories and how Kama Lifestyles training helped to shape their lives.

Most of our clients have one thing in common when they first approach us for help with their dating lives: they lack confidence and suffer from low self-esteem. Many men feel that they are unattractive, but in actual fact they simply have skewed perceptions of their own looks. What many of these men do have in common though is a lack of attention to presentation and grooming.

Chris, a 25 year old software developer from Dublin, understood that his lack of confidence was influenced a great deal by feeling out of place in the clothes he wore. He was never sure what to buy, what reflected a love of quality and good taste, or what was appropriate for certain social occasions. He had no flair for expressing his identity through how he presented himself. He also realised that looking stylish and fashionable is more important that good looks. He decided to make use of the Kama Lifestyles Fashion Consultant to spruce up his look.

Why is Fashion and Style Important?

In an ideal world people would be less superficial, seeing us for what we are from the first moment they lay eyes on us. However, in the real world it just doesn’t work that way. People judge us on the first impression we make and a big part of this is often what we are wearing and how we present ourselves. Fashion and style are both important to women, and a well-dressed man will add value to her social life (instead of being a social liability). The easiest way to change our clothes and to find a new style is by asking for professional help.

Why Use a Fashion Consultant?

A professional fashion consultant will know what will look best on you, without you looking exactly like every other man out there. The consultant will know where to shop, what to buy to suit your personality and how to shop while staying within your budget. Shopping with a consultant will save time, cutting out trial and error.

How the Kama Lifestyles Fashion Consultant Helped Chris

Chris learned a great deal from the Kama Lifestyles fashion consultant, including:

  • How to reorganise his wardrobe, discarding items that do not suit him;
  • How to accessorise effectively;
  • Mixing colours and textures for the best look;
  • Where to shop;
  • Knowing when a bargain really is a bargain;
  • Fabric strengths and weaknesses;
  • How to style his hair; and
  • Knowing what works for him and why.

Knowing that he was dressed in a way that reflected his personality and helped him to exude confidence meant that Chris was immediately more comfortable in social situations. He was less afraid of approaching beautiful women, knowing that he was presented in the best possible way. He realised that keeping himself looking smart was not as difficult as he thought, and that he had pretty good taste once he understood how fashion works.