Our Kama Lifestyles Coaches are committed to helping you achieve your goals in dating. We have trained clients all over Europe as well as the USA, even straying as far as Australia and China. As a result of our international status, clients have two options when signing up to Kama Lifestyles. They can either travel to meet us in the city we are in, where we will train them in the top bars and clubs in the city. Alternatively, we can travel to the clients own particular county or country and train them in the bars and clubs of their choice. In this case, we will charge a little extra to cover travelling expenses, flights and accommodation. There are advantages in either choice. If you choose to travel to us, you will also get a holiday and a taste of a new country, including the best VIP bars and Clubs in the city. This can be very appealing to many clients. On the other hand, we tailor our programs to suit the female psyche in your particular location.

Although the main principles of attraction and body language work universally, there are specific parts of our teachings that will be modified to suit the location. For example, the same openers and general conversation techniques are different in Ireland to say Sweden or the USA, UK/Ireland. As already stated on our homepage, we offer the option of using Skype to teach the theory parts of our courses. This saves both time and money and produces the same results as we are essentially teach the same material, just as we would do in our one on one courses in our offices. We offer the Skype option for the Confidence Course,Conversation Mastery the One on One theory as well as the Alpha Male course. Thus, there are many different options available to our clients and so we request our clients to contact us to discuss the courses in detail prior to signing up. Our contact information is shown below.