How to phone a girl and get results


James spent a very successful Tuesday morning at the library. He wasn’t doing research, he was meeting girls. At lunch time he called it quits with five new numbers saved to his phone. By Thursday morning, he had four dates lined up for the next week. Although getting a phone number doesn’t always mean getting […]

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How to Overcome Feelings of Inferiority


No two people are the same and everyone has his own strong and weak points. However, some people are unable to see that they have something to offer other people and feel inferior to those around them. If this describes you, you may have an inferiority complex. What is an Inferiority Complex? As the name […]

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learn how to date

Robert, divorced after 25 years of marriage, found himself back in the dating scene without a clue how to meet women or how to date. He’d met his wife in a bar nearly thirty years ago, but going back to bars to meet women hadn’t been successful. At 49, the women he met in bars […]

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How to be more confident


A number of men need tips and advice on how to be more confident with women. Women adore confident men who believe in their own abilities and themselves. Kama Lifestyles dating coaching specialises in teaching men how to be confident. It doesn’t depend on personal traits and characteristics, but can be learned by anyone. It […]

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How to be confident with women


Brendan had been single for most of his adult life. It seemed like the only women who were interested in him didn’t interest him at all. Those he did find interesting he also found intimidating and he became incredibly nervous if he could scrape the courage together to approach them. By the time he reached […]

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mastering dating and attraction


Most clients come to me to improve their dating lives, every guy has different goals but the overall goal that they all share is that they all want more women in their life. For me there is nothing better than approaching a girl that I fancy and generating attraction and getting her number whether it […]

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Confidence tips


Jim had trouble meeting women. He’s not wealthy and he’s average-looking on a good day. He felt that beautiful women were all out of his league and stopped trying to approach them. He knew that this wasn’t the answer to his problem, but his constant failures made him feel even worse about himself. He decided […]

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