3 top tips for approaching women during the day


Over the last few years that I have been working with Kamalifestyles, my company has taught many clients and the most rewarding has been seeing my clients make huge breakthroughs in this area of their life. When it comes to dating there are no set rules or restrictions and our clients through our guidance, have […]

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Top tips for dating


After securing the phone number you can enjoy knowing you have attracted a girl enough that she wants to see you again well done. Here are a number of questions our students regularly ask us. Where should I take her? This can seem quite simple but look at this way if you go to a […]

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How to get a girlfriend


It has been proven one of the most important things top 2 anyway is having a loving nurturing relationship. It really is something money can’t buy to enjoy spending time with that loving person. It really can be all we ask for even taking into account the bumpy times. Its only when you have a […]

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How the small things matter when succeeding with women


When it comes to attraction most guys have the wrong angle when it comes to knowing what attracts women. What attracts us guys primarily is looks so before a guy even speaks to a girl he has already decided that he is attracted to her. The biggest mistake most guys is that they assume that […]

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What to say to a girl


Guys often think ‘what is the perfect thing to say to a girl to get her interested in me’. Some even go to the lengths of writing down word for word the script of what to say. There are many tutorials available in the line of pickup lines relating to the different progressions of the […]

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The 4 biggest mistake that guys make when they approach


1. Not being authentic This is one of the biggest mistakes that guys make when it comes to dating and this applies not only when approaching but also when going on dates. The problem is that most guys tend to put women on a pedestal and give them too much importance which results in the […]

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A Simple Way To Skyrocket Attraction With Women

If you ever look at the James Bond movies, you will see how smooth he is with women. They just seem the hang on his every word and he makes it look so easy. If you pay particular attention, you will notice that 90% of the attraction is created by touch. As he speaks to […]

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How To Project A Strong Confident Image To Women


Your image can be defined as your impression or the way people perceive you. It is created by many factors, such as your voice tone and volume, your body language, your dress sense and your ability to connect physically with the other person while you speak. However, aside from fashion, all the other factors are […]

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