What to talk about with a girl


One of the elements of dating and seduction that a lot of guys get caught with is conversation or to be more precise lack of. Time and time again it is an area many guys get stuck on. Think about the scenario, you have managed to pluck up the courage to walk over to that […]

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Keeping focused on your goals


As I mentioned before when it comes to dating, making the first approach is all about making a strong impact as women and men will make up their mind if they like you or not within the first 3 seconds. So obviously it is important that you work on your approaches because not only will […]

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Why giving into your fears can compromise your success


The biggest obstacle most men face when it comes to dating is facing their own fear. Most of my clients have come to me have neither never had a girlfriend nor have given up on finding one because they have neglected their love life because of their fear of the unknown. The biggest fear that […]

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The Best Opening Lines


This is something that I get asked a lot and I know for a fact that I will get asked a lot in the future as well which is what is the most effective pick up line that you can use. The reason that I get asked this question a lot is that guys are […]

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Relationship Breakdown


There is nothing more rewarding when I found out that one of my clients is in a relationship especially when it was one of their goals when they came to me to begin with. And if you find yourself in a similar position then well done as there is nothing more rewarding than being in […]

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Ways to improve your success in bars and clubs


There is nothing that feels better than approaching a girl that you find attractive and generating interest from her and getting her number. This basic and very effective method of approaching well, initiating conversation and generating attraction and number closing successfully applies to success with women both during the day and at night. But in […]

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What Rejection Really Means


When you start going to clubs or out during the day to approach women, there is one thing that you will have to accept is that you will get rejected. This is something that most guys are terrified of when they start out in improving this area of their life. When I first started out […]

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Getting good fast


We get many students come to us and say they want to get good quick. I mean there’s a clear difference between guys who come to us and accelerate at different speeds and ask what the secret is. The Truth I suggest you watch the matrix. The principle behind this film will break down what […]

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Getting better talking to girls


We have different types of guys who come to work with us some are very social able but for many reasons are not attracting the right people into their lives. Then there are people who are a lot less social able and avoid it at all cost. Continual improvement Without taking action you will never […]

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Becoming a better person 4 easy steps


For guys to have success with dating and relationships some difficult questions need to be asked to accelerate the process of becoming a confident alpha male who is attractive to girls. 1 Who are your friends? Who do you really want to be. I can quickly find out what sort of person someone is by […]

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