How to Become an Alpha Male


In our last post we discussed how to change your outlook through positive affirmations. Today we will be looking at the ultimate show of confidence – learning how to become an alpha male.   What is an Alpha Male? The term ‘alpha male’ is used to describe the leader of the pack in animals like […]

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How to be a conversation master


Next to approaching the biggest issue that most guys have is what to say after they have approached a girl because usually after a guy walks up to a girl to initiate a conversation, they end up running out of things to say and when this happens the interaction usually goes downhill from there. This […]

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French kissing tips and techniques


Malcolm had been having a very successful evening. He was out clubbing with a friend and had approached a couple of women, getting a few phone numbers and meeting one or two prospective dates. While getting a drink at the bar, Malcolm happened to bump into an attractive blonde he’d seen earlier in the evening. […]

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The Importance Of Balance


It is important that when you are improving yourself with dating that you strive to always have a healthy mentality and outlook towards it. Always keep track of what you are doing and obviously if you feel good doing it. Most guys start out with improving their dating lives with a poverty mind-set of no […]

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