Can Short Guys Get Girls Part 4

Can Short Guys Get Girls

Hi Guys, its Joy here and I am dating coach at Kama and today I am going to be showing you how to meet a girl and then take her on an instant date. Before I start the infield video, I want to apologise as something went wrong with the audio and the beginning interaction where I approached a hot tanned girl on the street, we have no audio.

So to fill you in on what happened is that I approached the hot girl on the street. I used a observational opener where I mentioned something about her funny walk that got her laughing. I was being playful and charismatic and she immediately was interested in me, as she noticed that I was different in comparison to other guys.

I saw in her eyes that she was attracted to me, so I wasted no time in asking her if she wanted to come for a quick coffee with me, to which she complied. I always recommend using a false time constraint so that she feels like she doesn’t have to be with you for a long time. I pointed towards the coffee shop and started walking with her.

So guys, when we got to the coffee shop, the audio started working again so let’s see the video and see what happens.

Joy Ali is a dating coach of Kamalifestyles and specialises in the art of ‘day game’, where he teaches the core principles in meeting women during the day.

Joy Ali is 5 ft 4 and grew up in a small quiet town in Somerset. He came across many challenges in his dating life where he constantly blamed his height for his lack of success with women. He was determined to prove people wrong, so he embarked on an incredible journey, going out sometimes nearly 7 days a week, approaching women in bars, clubs and shopping centers, all to develop his social skills to a point where he has dated some of the most beautiful women around, many of whom were much taller than him.

In his spare time, he likes to read books on self-development and is a keen gym enthusiast.

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