gain confidence with women


Terence met Lucy at a work function. He liked her a lot and, at the end of the evening, asked her for her number, intending to ask her out as soon as possible. He fought his nerves and phoned her the next day, but the attraction that he thought was there the night before seemed […]

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How to seduce women


Kevin was a little shy and inexperienced with women. He doesn’t think of himself as good looking and he doesn’t have a high-powered job that pays particularly well. He drifted into previous relationships with women he wasn’t really attracted to because he thought he couldn’t do any better. In his early thirties, his friends are […]

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Kissing techniques that make her toes curl


A while ago, George decided to spend the day at his local shopping mall. Laden with boutiques, the mall was the perfect place to meet women during the day. Before long, he saw a beautiful woman shopping in a boutique and approached her. His opener was strong and confident and he created attraction instantly. They […]

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How to pull hot women


Edward spent every Friday and Saturday evening in bars and clubs, trying to pick up hot women. He tried everything from chat up lines to buying them drinks, but he got rejected time and again. Even though he wasn’t particularly attractive or rich, Edward didn’t feel that he lacked confidence. He simply needed to learn […]

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How to phone a girl and get results


James spent a very successful Tuesday morning at the library. He wasn’t doing research, he was meeting girls. At lunch time he called it quits with five new numbers saved to his phone. By Thursday morning, he had four dates lined up for the next week. Although getting a phone number doesn’t always mean getting […]

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How to Overcome Feelings of Inferiority


No two people are the same and everyone has his own strong and weak points. However, some people are unable to see that they have something to offer other people and feel inferior to those around them. If this describes you, you may have an inferiority complex. What is an Inferiority Complex? As the name […]

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How to get laid


William started dating Sarah after meeting her at a party held by mutual friends. Even though they’d been dating for nearly two months, they hadn’t progressed much further than a goodnight kiss at the door. William realised that he needed to learn how to get laid. After all, sex is basic human need and part […]

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learn how to date

Robert, divorced after 25 years of marriage, found himself back in the dating scene without a clue how to meet women or how to date. He’d met his wife in a bar nearly thirty years ago, but going back to bars to meet women hadn’t been successful. At 49, the women he met in bars […]

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How to chat up girls


Gavin was sitting in his local pub with his friends when he saw a beautiful girl across the bar. She was with a group of friends, both male and female. This didn’t bother him in the least as he had recently completed a Kama Lifestyles dating course and knew how to chat up girls in […]

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