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Dating Installed

Dating Installed

Are you a divorced man finding it hard to get back into the dating game?

“The period after a difficult breakup is one when we are at our most vulnerable”
Divorce and breakups are really hard. It is hard because your life changes, so your identity…It effects physical and emotional health. You may also receive less support from your social circle, family and friends, in part because men may be less likely to seek out this support. There are also financial implications …

We believe that this is a common misconception and in fact the loss of a long-term partner and friend actually triggers feelings of diminished confidence in ourselves and trust in others-thus closing us off emotionally for fear of being hurt again. Unfortunately this protective stance is one of the greatest barriers to forming new, healthy relationships and truly moving on from the pain of the past.

When we have invested so much of ourselves in another person for so long, our identities become merged and when that person disappears from our lives part of our own identity disappears as well leaving us feeling lonely even in our own company since it seems we don’t know the person we are or once were.

Recognizing this challenge, we at Kamalifestyles have tailored a program aimed specifically at men living in the fall out of such a breakup with the mission of helping them rediscover their own marvelous identities and therefore the self-appreciation and confidence necessary to build new, loving relationships with others.

Over the course of several weeks we will help you rebuild your confidence and thereby grow through the challenges set by your recent heart ache. Assessing what about your individuality made you happy and establishing a lasting happiness independent of your relationships with others. Therefore garnering gratitude for past mistakes and recognizing them for the tools they were to improve your personal strength.


121 Confidence Coaching

Having re-established your confidence we will coach you on how to project this assertion outwardly and attract loving, productive relationships into your life.

arrowLearn to enhance your Confidence.
arrowDetach yourself from the limiting beliefs
arrowGain emotional control
arrowEnhance decision making ability
arrowChange negative mind set to positive mind set.
arrowIdentity & Beliefs
arrowOvercome your fears
arrowDiminish approval seeking behaviors
arrowDevelop winning attitudes
arrowDevelop acceptance and balance the ego
arrowAchieve complete self-acceptance regardless of your life circumstances.
arrowDevelop the self-image and self-confidence

Theory Section

The aftermath of divorce can leave us feeling adrift, someone who formed a part of our identity is gone and it takes to time rebuild that self-knowledge and assertion you had when you met. The theory section will give you everything you need to rediscover the excitement and frivolity of dating and aid you in approaching potential partners.Handle your approach anxiety

arrowHow to correctly approach
arrowFirst impression
arrowWhat to say and how to say
arrowConversation bridging
arrowHow to get her number
arrowHow to set a date & Instant dates
arrowHow to lead the date
arrowBody language
arrowSocial touch
arrowStory telling
arrowMastering the first date

6 Infield Sessions

As a graduation of sorts into personal belief and acceptance we will join you in the field to gauge how your confidence as blossomed under our care and to eventually make you feel independent of our advice that you might enjoy healthy, loving relationships in the future.

Infield sessions will take place in coffee shops, clubs and bars where we’ll show you exactly how to approach and create attraction, we believe that authentic situations are the only true test of skill and technique and watching an expert up close and in person will be the first game changer for you.

While these observations will be valuable, the greater benefit will come from live interaction with our instructors during the session, which the many books, podcasts and videos available elsewhere simply cannot provide. Being present with an expert will dramatically shift your perception of what is possible and witnessing their success will demonstrate how you can become more successful.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” ¬
– Isaac Newton

The consistent feedback and support received from your coach will be critical in your success, the confidence boost having an expert to guide and encourage you can provide may be surprising since, unlike friends or peers, their techniques are proven.

All progress beyond the border of your comfort zone-an area that your instructor will constantly push you expand and reach toward and thereby cement your confidence in unfamiliar situations. And your coach will always be on hand to assess your performance and quantify how you can improve.

Remember we offer a



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The Course takes two months to complete. This will entail 28 hours in total, with one on one personal tuition with one of our instructors. Other benefits include the Initial Consultation as well as unlimited phone and email for any questions during the 8 weeks.

24/7 Contact

During the course you’ll enjoy constant availability from our coaches for advice, support and reiteration of the personal discoveries that began you on a path to loving relationship with both yourself and others.

Personal Consultation

Based on the discoveries you’ll make about yourself and your desires we will tailor the techniques and coaching you receive to your personal needs.

Have a decision and take action now to change your life forever.

It will be a great journey.

See you soon.


Richard Longford, 35

I was married to my ex-wife for 7 years before we got divorced. It was a tough time for me and it certainly affected my health both physically and mentally. I doubted my ability to find someone else after that but when I found out about KamaLifestyles’ Dating Installed programme I had a new-found hope for my dating life. The guys transformed my confidence back to what it was in my youth and taught me how to really talk to women successfully in bars. 2 months later I’m now seeing a lovely woman and am very happy in life with high hopes for the future. Thank you KamaLifestyles.

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Seamus Winterbourne, 48

Dating Installed has been a fantastic experience. After my divorce, I couldn’t get back into the dating game for nearly two years. I was meeting women but could never seem to land second dates and my phone calls were never returned. I began to get frustrated and felt like I needed a bit of help to figure out what I was doing wrong. Right after the course I was a lot stronger emotionally than before and began to get dates quickly. The course is full of information and I learnt so much from the in-field section. I met more women during the time of the course than in my entire life before then. I feel more confident than ever now and my girlfriend thinks so too. I can’t thank the KamaLifestyle guys enough for what they’ve done.

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Michael Beckett, 40

I have been divorced for quite a few years now and regularly found myself lonely on a Saturday night watching tv, feeling isolated from family and friends, with minimum contact with my kids. I was depressed and had had enough of living my life in that way. Times were really hard. One of my friends told me about KamaLifestyles so I decided to have a consultation with them to discuss how they could help me. After doing so I became very clear of the next steps on how to get myself back into the dating world which had been a very daunting thought up until then. They helped me the whole way through. I learnt a lot from the theory side of things but together with the practical, the scope for learning and actually taking the info in increased ten-fold. Six months after I completed the programme I’m now with my current girlfriend. It’s been an amazing transformation for me. Now I know what it means to take control of your own life and have it in your own hands. Not much good comes without you putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. I confronted my fears head on and overcame them. I feel far happier overall then I did before KamaLifestyles and before I met my girlfriend, women were responding to me better than ever. It was money and (more importantly) time well spent. I’ve met someone I’m really compatible with and have learned so much about my own mistakes in the past. Thank you for everything KamaLifestyles.

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George Baker, 46

Sometimes in life you don’t expect certain things to happen. I found myself divorced and single at the age of 45 and it made me really confused and put me down emotionally. I was meeting women but it never went anywhere. I found KamaLifestyles online and took on some of their training with their dating coaches. Training with the experts and going out with them is something I’ve never experienced anything like before. It built my confidence very quickly and I soon became able to approach women without hesitation in any social setting. It feels like I’ve gained my social freedom. I was very unhappy with my situation in life before finding KamaLifestyles but over the duration of the Dating Installed programme, with the guidance of the brilliant dating coaches, I can say I have achieved a considerable level dating success. I would recommend KamaLifestyles services to any guy looking to take the next step in their dating life because they really have given the hope and belief in myself that I can find someone again. Well done to you guys.

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Larry Williamson, 51

It had been 3 years since my ex-wife and I separated and I’d been struggling to interact with women since. It knocked my confidence, made me feel incompetent at seemingly everything. I heard about KamaLifestyles and decided to give them a go. Being a divorced man myself, I began the Dating Installed programme and within a matter of weeks I noticed a big change in my confidence. It helped that the dating coaches were so open, it was nice to have a personal touch and because of this, despite the battle ultimately being my own, I never felt alone. By the end of the programme I feel transformed and ready to go after what I want which is someone to spend the rest of my life with. I can’t thank the KamaLifestyles team enough for how much they’ve helped me, it’s been a wonderful experience and I am currently seeing someone.

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Alan Drury, 44

I grew up in a really small town and married my ex-wife at a young age meeting as family friends so I had little experience in dating. When we divorced, I didn’t know what to do. 20 years later times have changed and so has dating. I found myself on my own in a bar drinking thinking about how my life was passing me by while being single. I came across KamaLifestyles while reading an article in a newspaper about them and thought about what I would lose by contacting them. The answer I gave myself was ’nothing’ so I got in contact. After the training, over the next year, I dated 5 different women and now one of them is my girlfriend. The whole experience is something which has changed my life profoundly. Now I know that even if I’m single again I’ll be able to approach the women I like and set a date. It’s such a useful skill to have – thanks to the Kama guys!

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