Alpha Male with Kama Lifestyles


We continue our September article series with a look at Kama Lifestyles courses and how they have impacted the lives of our clients. Every course is designed by qualified, experienced coaches who have psychology and sociology backgrounds, and excellent knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Tony, a 35 year old builder from Kerry, was a little quiet and only came out of his shell after a few drinks. Unfortunately, when he thought he was being witty and clever, he was often simply being just another drunk in a bar on a Saturday night. He wasn’t doing anything to set himself apart from other men, to create attraction with women, or to seem even remotely interesting or interested in those around him.

The Initial Consultation

Tony realised that he needed help and phoned Kama Lifestyles to find out what the coaches could do for him. The coach asked him to come in for a free consultation and spent an hour asking him about his relationship history and his dating goals. They listed what was important to him and investigated why he felt he needed to change his life. The consultant advised Tony to sign up for the Alpha Male course.

The Kama Lifestyles Alpha Male Course

The Kama Lifestyles Alpha Male Course will teach you how to become the alpha male in any group. You will learn what it means to be dominant and confident, instead of domineering and arrogant. Women are attracted to alpha men because of their character traits and you will see how they are drawn towards you with little effort on your part. Alpha male characteristics affect all relationships, not only those with women. Men are more likely to follow an alpha male, and will be more inclined to listen to someone with this type of personality. The course will leave you more confident, comfortable in a range of social situations, and more direct and honest, showing real integrity.

As with all the Kama Lifestyles courses, the Alpha Male course comes with a money back guarantee. You will learn how to exude confidence, how to groom and present yourself, how to emulate other alpha males, how to stay in control of yourself and your environment, how to become more motivated and less lazy, how to be more decisive, and how to keep growing and developing as a person. You will learn how to change your beliefs and inner game to reflect your emotional strength and social dominance.

How the Kama Lifestyles Alpha Male Course Changed Tony’s Life

Tony could see changes in his attitude and outlook from the first training session. Over the eight weeks of the course, he became more positive and confident, starting to believe in himself and his own abilities. After the first two weeks women started showing an interest. He no longer felt like he had to drink to become interesting or to feel comfortable in social situations. Today, Tony can approach any woman he’s interested in without fear of rejection. He started dating Sylvia recently, but he knows that she’s the right one for him and he’s confident that he has made the right choice.