The Importance Of Balance


It is important that when you are improving yourself with dating that you strive to always have a healthy mentality and outlook towards it. Always keep track of what you are doing and obviously if you feel good doing it. Most guys start out with improving their dating lives with a poverty mind-set of no […]

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Confidence tips


Jim had trouble meeting women. He’s not wealthy and he’s average-looking on a good day. He felt that beautiful women were all out of his league and stopped trying to approach them. He knew that this wasn’t the answer to his problem, but his constant failures made him feel even worse about himself. He decided […]

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Communication Skills


Tom had never been able to settle down. He always seemed to fall into relationships with women he wasn’t really attracted to, convincing himself that they were right for him because he couldn’t do any better. In his professional life he seldom deals with customers or clients and spend most of his time working in […]

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How charisma affects attraction


Warren was always quiet and reserved. He felt that his looks and status, and not having a lot of money, made him unattractive to women. Those he found fascinating were out of his league and he didn’t even bother approaching them. Even though he doesn’t make a lot of money, Warren is a great chef […]

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Banishing Negative Thoughts Through Positive Affirmations


Over the last few weeks we’ve discussed the common dating problems men face. We’ve mentioned the destructiveness of negative thinking a number of times. Today we’ll be discussing ways to replace negative thoughts with positive ones through the use of affirmations. Inner Dialogue and Thought Patterns We all have an inner dialogue that we carry […]

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How to Become an Alpha Male


Quinton approached Kama Lifestyles for dating advice after a series of failed relationships. As with every client, his dating coach worked out an action plan to boost his confidence and turn him into an alpha male. This meant that Quinton had to learn how to be relaxed with women, turning into a man who can […]

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How to become an alpha male


I get asked this question a lot in how to become an alpha male and honestly most guys miss the point completely and when they imagine themselves becoming this alpha male or super guy at the end of their journey of self-improvement they literally imagine themselves being a completely different person. They think that will […]

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Being Selfish In A Positive Way

I mentioned in one of my previous articles that being selfish is actually good. When you usually hear the word being mentioned it is usually associated with negativity or having a bad trait. In some ways it is but in many ways it is not. To be selfish is to want something bad enough that […]

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