How to attract women


Last Saturday night, Jack was sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for his sons to come out of the cinema. He hadn’t intended to go out since his kids were visiting for the weekend, so he settled down with a novel and a good cup of coffee and sent them off to watch a movie. […]

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How to attract beautiful women


Quinton was sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by when a beautiful woman sat down at the table next to his. He wanted to lean over and say hello, but he felt too nervous because he was intimidated by her looks. He sat at his table, drinking his coffee, sneaking glances at […]

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How to ask a woman on a date


Jeremy got extremely nervous every time he thought about asking a woman on a date. He’d start to stutter and stammer, struggling to get the question out and, more often than not, women would say no. He came to Kama Lifestyles for dating advice and to learn how to ask a woman on a date. […]

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How to ask a girl out


There’s a secret to how to ask a girl out. It’s not a special chat up line, and has nothing to do with looks, income or social status. Most men are intimidated by beautiful women because there’s something missing from their lives: confidence. Their fear of rejection is so crippling that they start to stutter […]

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How to get a date


Jason was struggling to get a date. When he chatted up women, they’d seem interested and he easily got more than one phone number when he went out to meet women. Early one Saturday morning, Jason went jogging in the local park, the perfect place to meet women. He started chatting to an attractive redhead […]

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How to be a conversation master


Next to approaching the biggest issue that most guys have is what to say after they have approached a girl because usually after a guy walks up to a girl to initiate a conversation, they end up running out of things to say and when this happens the interaction usually goes downhill from there. This […]

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French kissing tips and techniques


Malcolm had been having a very successful evening. He was out clubbing with a friend and had approached a couple of women, getting a few phone numbers and meeting one or two prospective dates. While getting a drink at the bar, Malcolm happened to bump into an attractive blonde he’d seen earlier in the evening. […]

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How to Have a Successful First Date


Eugene came to Kama Lifestyles after his marriage had ended. He felt that he needed dating advice since he had been out of the dating scene for such a long time. He enjoyed the course, and soon started meeting women he had previously only dreamed of. His greatest challenge was taking someone on the first […]

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Easy ways to meet singles


Many singles are finding it difficult to meet compatible partners. People are getting married later in life when their social circles are shrinking. Few people stay in the place where they grew up. They move away to go to university, or for better career opportunities. More people are getting divorced, finding themselves single after years […]

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