What to say to a girl


Guys often think ‘what is the perfect thing to say to a girl to get her interested in me’. Some even go to the lengths of writing down word for word the script of what to say. There are many tutorials available in the line of pickup lines relating to the different progressions of the […]

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The 4 biggest mistake that guys make when they approach


1. Not being authentic This is one of the biggest mistakes that guys make when it comes to dating and this applies not only when approaching but also when going on dates. The problem is that most guys tend to put women on a pedestal and give them too much importance which results in the […]

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A Simple Way To Skyrocket Attraction With Women

If you ever look at the James Bond movies, you will see how smooth he is with women. They just seem the hang on his every word and he makes it look so easy. If you pay particular attention, you will notice that 90% of the attraction is created by touch. As he speaks to […]

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How To Project A Strong Confident Image To Women


Your image can be defined as your impression or the way people perceive you. It is created by many factors, such as your voice tone and volume, your body language, your dress sense and your ability to connect physically with the other person while you speak. However, aside from fashion, all the other factors are […]

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The Top Signs Of Attraction From A Woman

There are many different body language signs that a woman will display when she is attracted to you. It is very important to be able to identify these, so you can access where you are in the interaction and you will know when it is time to take things to the next level. The first […]

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The Two Best Conversation Openers You Can Use Anytime

People always ask us what line should I use or they complain that when they approach a woman they never know what to say. If you search the internet, you will find thousands of different openers. Some are good, some are ok and some are downright rubbish. The truth about conversation openers is that they […]

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The Reason Why You Can’t Approach A Woman Sober

You are a single guy, walking down the street and you see an absolutely beautiful woman, just outside Starbucks standing on her own. Instead of doing what should be the most natural thing in the world to do, which is to walk up and open conversation with her, you just walk on by her as […]

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How To Change A Woman’s Body Language

Your physiology dictates your state. This is a very important point to realise when trying to get successful with women. If you adopt a negative posture, it will affect your state and your energy will be lower. That is why when you are speaking you should use gestures, not only to emphasize your point and […]

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The Three Questions That You Will Be Asked By Every Women


At Kama Lifestyles, we teach you how to present yourself in your best possible lights, to meet and connect with beautiful women. We encourage our clients to be as natural as possible as talking to women should be something that you do in normal situations and is just a habit for you. Having said that, […]

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